thinking about rewiring?

Nothing compares to the look of a finished and freshly decorated rewire, perfect unpainted accessories and lights, sockets where you need them without having extensions running along the floor, audio and visual cables routed out of sight, smart hubs and networking hardwired into the fabric of the building instead of wireless repeaters trying to get you wifi upstairs, telephone socket wiring not clipped along skirting boards but hidden.

ESG are not your basic electrical contractor, during a rewire,

we can network your whole house, install smart devices for heating, lighting and power. outside lighting, soffit lighting

We have invested £1000's into class M dust extraction and wall chasing equipment along with positive input ventilation during the work (if required) to keep the dust out of your house.


We deal with the plasterer getting the chases filled and ready for you to decorate and as with all rewires a domestic installation certificate will be supplied 

      Telltale signs of your property needing rewired,

  • 1 or 2 sockets in a room, there was not many things to plug in in the past

  • Fuses blowing more than usual

  • lights flickering and lamps blowing fuses more than usual

  • RCD nuisance tripping

  • Accessories coming to the end of their life, cracked, discoloured

  • An overloaded fuse board, too many circuits doubled up

  • Hot sockets, plug tops, light switches

  • Fuse box with pull out rewireable fuses assume pre 1983   

  • The new colours (brown+blue) came in on the 1st of april 2006,13 years ago, therefore If you have red and black wiring the minimum age it can be is 12 years old and began in 1977 provided it has green and yellow sleeving, if the earth sleeving is solid green then assume the cable is pre 1977