Consumer Unit (fuse box) upgrades

It includes testing all the existing circuits in the premises to ensure the installation is in safe condition and comes with a 5 page electrical installation certificate,

an example document can be seen here

The Small print......

all work is subject to a no fee Survey

The premises must have gas and water pipes bonded in 10 mm² green and yellow single core, it is against regulation for anyone to upgrade the consumer unit without having the correct bonds in place, if they are not, it's no problem, we can install them, however this will be an added cost dependant on how far away they are from the consumer unit.

Existing faults- upgrading the consumer unit can give a much better coverage of fault detection compared to the old consumer units we will fix any small faults for no charge, for example a broken ring circuit due to a conductor not being terminated correctly at a socket, however If a ring circuit was broken because the cable was damaged inside a wall or under the floor, we could not fix without charging time against it. 

ESG Consumer unit.png